Raising Drama Free Kids Academy

Dedicated to parents who need a time out!

Are you at your wits End Dealing with....

  • Parenting stress impacting your job, income, physical and mental health
  • Arguments and being short-tempered with your spouse or other family members
  • Talking back, swearing, defiance, lying, stealing, aggression and other troublesome behaviors
  • TV, cell phones, computers and video games addictions affecting participation in family activities
  • Being embarrassed by the way your child is behaving – especially in public or when you have company over at your home

Is it too late? Too Late to...

  • Manage misbehavior so everyone in the family enjoys life more
  • Set rules and routines that everyone respects and follows
  • Feel confident you’re doing the right thing
  • Raise happy, confident children

About Me

Hey,  I know why you are here! 

I’ve been there!  In the same shoes as you, struggling with tantrums, whining, siblings fighting, kids not listening, back talk, and more. 

Now,  imagine managing misbehaviors “without the drama”;  your child doing chores without you nagging, homework is completed without the meltdowns, mealtimes are fun and pleasant, no more “uninvited” guests in your bed at night, and most importantly, you feel confident you’re doing the right thing.  This is what I want for you!   

As a certified parent coach, with over 25 years as a certified school psychologist and mother, I will teach you so much cool stuff that your head will spin.

I can’t wait for you to enroll. You are gong to learn so much.

See you on the inside.

Serwaa Anokye

Become A More Effective Parent As You Navigate The Demands of Parenthood

Gain the tools and techniques for effective parenting based on your specific beliefs, values, parenting style, and on your child’s personality and capability.

Learn How To Manage Misbehaviors So everyone in the family enjoys life more

Feel confident and empowered dealing with whining, defiance, tantrums, and disrespect or with mealtime, bedtime or homework battles.

Individualize your parenting based on your child's personality type

Adapt your natural style of parenting when communicating, supporting, motivating, and disciplining your child as you reinforce his or her innate personality

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Courses designed to help you to become a more effective parent, feel confident handling the toughest job around!




Learn to use practical ideas and techniques tailored to your child’s needs and family values. Restore peace, fun and laughter in your home again.


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