I Embrace And Take Advantage Of Change.

Change is a constant in life. Even though change can be scary, I actually enjoy it. Change provides many opportunities for adventure, abundance, and personal growth. Most of the positive things in my life come about when something changes.

Everything changes. Failing to embrace this idea can lead to pain and heartache. By accepting change, I eliminate most of the unhappiness from my life. I expect change because it is a part of life’s journey. I seek change rather than avoid it.

I benefit from the opportunities that come my way during times of change.

Change is synonymous with opportunity. I embrace and take advantage of the opportunity to experience something different. I create a new and better direction for my life when I am open to change.

When I am struggling with change, I quickly shift my focus. I stop thinking about what I am losing and start searching for what I am gaining.

Throughout history, the wealthiest people have been those that positioned themselves to accept and leverage the changes in society. I am just as capable as those who have come before me.

The most successful people are those who easily adapt to change. Change is powerful!

Today, I welcome change. I look for ways to use change to my advantage. I am happy about the changes in my life and look forward to the great adventures ahead.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In what ways has change affected my life in a positive way?
2. How can I change my attitude when I perceive change in a negative way?
3. What would I gain by fully embracing change in my life?