Inspire & Ignite Your Best Self

For women over 50 who are transitioning into midlife seeking their life’s purpose after investing over a decade in their career, marriage and/or motherhood.

I know that…..


You feel life has no meaning

because it has always been defined by the needs and expectations of others.


You woke up one day

in your mid 50’s feeling invisible.


You have a deep longing

for something you can’t name or put your finger on it, a restlessness to find something that feels authentic and real.


You want to make a big change

but you probably just don’t know how to go about it. Fear, frustration and confusion are holding you back..


You use your age as an excuse

for not doing something new or even continuing with something because you’re scared.


You are thinking about

the glittering career you once had mapped out in your head, only to feel disappointed that the reality doesn’t live up to your original dream.


Your children are leaving home

and now you’re experiencing feelings of loss and readjustment as you re-evaluate your life.


You doubt yourself

and your ability to live a fulfilling life.


You're feeling frustrated

not knowing what makes others feel fulfilled, jealous of those who do know, or resentful you always put other’s first and yourself last.

What if you could……


Feel more confident

about your own value to the world.


Actively engaged living

a life of passion and purpose without any reservations.


Be in charge

of your life and having a sense of freedom.


Increased understanding

and compassion for ourself and others.


Be in Alignment

with your work choices and career paths, giving you personal satisfaction.


Make decisions and reactions

at healthier and more balanced levels.


Greater self-awareness

and self-acceptance of your true self.


Happier, confident, and motivated

knowing that you can change the course of your life!


Trust your own inner voice

and tap into your inner strength.

You’ve now become a Phoenix Diva!

My Approach

The way I help you is by exploring the “WHY” behind your thinking/behavior patterns and how it influences what you say or not say or what you do or not do.

I coach you by teaching you how to recognize your triggers and unhealthy habits that are keeping you from being your truest self.

By identifying your specific personality traits, I can then ask those expansive, powerful questions that allow you to become aware of and move away from the habits that are holding back your true joy.

You will start to speak differently about yourself, build new habits, and move in the direction of your most desired life.

Now transformed, you wake up feeling empowered as you now know yourself and are actively engaged in living a life of passion and purpose without any reservations.

Be reborn, like the Phoenix!

Find your purpose, rediscover your passion, fulfill your goals and begin an exciting new stage in your life.